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Private Instruction in My Studio

Whether you are learning to draw for the very first time, need to improve rusty skills, or want to take your art to the next level, I can help you. Students will learn in a supportive environment and will be able to focus on their specific needs. If you don't know what areas need to be stronger, I can work with you to identify areas of focus. My emphasis is on traditional, representational drawing and how it can support work in other media, such as painting. Contact me for a free, 30-minute consultation before committing.This can be done on the phone or in person.

Tuition: $50 per 1-1/2 hour session for individual instruction. Most supplies included. Major credit cards accepted.

Drawing Tip

Be aware of the LBL or the "line between the lips."

When drawing or painting the human face, inexperienced artists often render the lips by drawing a solid line around the upper and lower lips. This makes the lips appear to float on the surface of the face rather than be an integral part of it. Careful observation will reveal that the heaviest line is the line between the lips.

The drawing below shows a more naturalistic way of rendering the mouth. Frequently, the only change between the flesh of the lips and that of the space is one of value. Unless the face is lit from below, the upper lip is usually more in shadow than the lower lip, which catches the light from above or the side.