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Egg tempera on gesso panel, 24 x 30"
Prints are available for $150 and $300

Living in a coastal area, fishing has always been a major occupation - both commercial and recreational. My father fished and often took us with him. From 2004 - 2013 I worked for a coastal conservation organization and developed an even deeper appreciation of coastal wildlife, especially fish. I wanted to make a painting about fishing. I started out thinking about folks with fishing rods and ended up with a really big net. The title, Bycatch, refers to the situation in which fishermen are fishing for one thing but catch other things, too--often with detrimental consequences. You might say the work took on Biblical proportions. This is the largest egg tempera piece I have ever painted. For the most part, it was painted during the lockdown during the pandemic of 2020. It has opened up a world of possibilities. In summer 2021, this painting was purchased by the Yuko Nii Foundation for the permanent collection of the Williamsburg Art and Historcal Center in Brooklyn, NY.