Eileen Kennedy     Drawings

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While these drawings are studies for egg tempera paintings, I consider them to be finished works of art. I draw from life, from photographs, from my imagination, or some combination of the three. The silvery gray drawings are made using silverpoint, a technique used in the Renaissance and earlier before the discovery of graphite as a drawing medium. These drawings are made using a piece of silver wire on coated paper. Just as your silverware tarnishes, so do these drawings, assuming a darker, warmer patina over time. Click on any title to see a larger view and details.
Slow Dance

Whale Song


Summer: Woman with Horseshoe Crab

Autumn: Girls with Leaves

Winter: Skating Foo Lake

Spring: Girls with Snowdrops and Robins

Dona Nobis Pacem


Summer Job

Circus Summer

Folk Festival


Bread Not Alone

Shell Game

Baguette Alone



Primary Colors