Eileen Kennedy  watercolors

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Each Wednesday night from 8 to 10 I gather with a group of artists. Some of the people have been part of the group for more than 40 years. Others, like me, have moved in and out over the past 30 years. Because it has always met on Wednesday night, we are known as the Wednesday Night Group. We all chip in for the space and the model, and bring beer, wine, and other refreshments as the spirit moves us. Sometimes the models pose nude, sometimes in street clothes, sometimes in costume. I take full advantage of the props and large wall mirror behind the model stand.

Fairy in Black

Black Dotted Wrap

Black Butterfly

Pale Blue Robe

Red Print Scarf

Girl with Golden Hair

Striped Blanket

Black Shoes

Black Umbrella

Red Watch

Purple Drape

Red Speckled Shirt